Be Aware of The Most Common Causes of Foundation Problems

Your home’s foundation is one of the most important parts of your home. Without a strong foundation, your home will begin to experience further issues and eventually begin to fall apart. Because of that, it’s important to address any issues with your foundation as soon as possible. This article is going to cover some common causes of foundation problems you should keep an eye out for. Improper drainage: If your home has improper drainage, this can lead to uneven soil moisture surrounding your home. With expanding or contracting soil around the foundation, this can lead to cracks or structural damage to your home’s foundation. To avoid drainage problems, you should ensure […]

FAQ: 5 Commonly Asked Questions About House Elevation

House elevation is a popular choice for homeowners in high flood areas. While this is a common procedure, many people are still unfamiliar with some aspects of this highly technical process. Because of that, this article is going to answer some frequently asked questions about house elevation. How do I know if I need to elevate my house? Homeowners are required to elevate or meet new construction standards if the house is located in a flood zone. Additionally, if the local floodplain administrator declares the house substantially damaged, this would be a reason to lift the house. Because there is no legal obligation to elevate your home if it was […]

5 Reasons You Should Consider Home Elevation

House elevation involves physically raising an existing home or building to make it higher off the ground. Every structure has a minimum base level that is required by FEMA, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and every structure must meet that requirement. People also choose house elevation for a variety of reasons, and this article is going to discuss a few of them. Floods — Floods are a common occurrence throughout the United States, and many people choose house elevation as a way to ensure their home and valuables remain undamaged in case of a flood. If people who live in a high-risk flood area do not have their homes raised, […]

House Lifting And Elevation: How To Prepare Your Home

House lifting is a big decision, but it’s often a necessary one in places where flooding is common. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, flooding is the top natural disaster in the United States. On average, Americans claim up to $3 billion in flood damage every year. For this reason, house leveling is a great investment option. However, once you’ve contacted house raising companies and contractors as needed, how can you best prepare your property to be professionally raised? Preparing your home for lift-off The process of lifting a house involves elevating the property above the home’s current foundation. Once that has been done, a new foundation is created […]

The Importance of Proper Foundation Installation

Proper foundation installation is key to the durability of any structure. Foundations serve as the basic building block for the structure and is important for the safety of the building (and everyone inside of it!). Whether you’re building from scratch, deciding to complete house elevation or house lifting, or moving a building entirely, it’s important to understand a few crucial components of foundation installation. Because most civilians actually know very little about proper foundations, this article looks at a few different components and materials used in foundation installation. Concrete Concrete can be used for almost any type of building project, and it’s been a popular material for thousands of years. […]

Structural Damage And Lost Value: Why It’s Important To Level Your Home

There are a variety of factors to take into consideration when building a home. Among the most important of them is whether or not the house needs leveling. For every 10 horizontal feet, the soil around your home’s foundation should come at a slope of six inches. But why is it so important to ensure your home is level? Surprisingly, an unlevel house can cause a lot more problems than simply letting a marble roll across the kitchen floor. Consider the following reasons below why you should make sure your home is as level as possible. Unlevel foundation can cause future structural damage One of the key reasons why it’s […]