Ducky Johnson House Movers began thirty seven (47) years ago with nothing but a dilapidated truck, a set of steel beams purchased on a payment plan, and a bright young man armed with vision and a stern work ethic. Ducky had a moving knowledge passed down on to him from an early age by his father, the late Noah Johnson. Noah was a house mover and father with 18 children. He taught them early the importance of being productive.

Ducky left school in 1964, married his soul-mate, Carolyn R. Johnson, and worked a public job for a while before deciding it was not for him. Then Ducky and Carolyn embarked on a journey.

Ducky Johnson House Movers was created from determination, sacrifice and hard manual labor. Today the business is thriving and successfully covering Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. The business is moving and lifting approximately 300 structures a year which include small out buildings, wood houses, masonry houses, heavy machinery, large tanks, vessels, and precipitators using modern equipment and incorporating modern technology. The business also buys and sells houses and buildings.

Ducky Johnson House Movers employees between 25 to 30 employees which includes his son, Charlie Johnson, who is now President and CEO of Ducky Johnson House Movers, Inc.

For all your moving needs please give us a call. The job will be handled with the utmost professionalism.