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Well into our third generation into moving houses, Ducky Johnson House Movers are proud to be recognized as leaders in our market. We are more than house movers, we are Award Winning structural movers. Take a look at our Portfolio to see where only we were trusted to move the oldest courthouse in Florida.

  • House Leveling
  • House Raising
  • Reposting and Shoring
  • Basements & Cellars
  • Foundation Replacement
  • Historical Structure Moves
  • Unified Precision Jacking
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Barge Moves
  • Roof Raising

Ducky Johnson House Movers Help to Save the Earth

Moving an existing home rather than building a new one is not only smart, it is environmentally friendly! All the building materials are recycled and landfill space is not consumed. House moving is the number one source of low cost housing and recycling a home rather than building a new one is earth-friendly!

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Ducky Johnson Movers were featured on HGTV’s popular series “Haulin’ House”. Watch ‘Setting Sail for Sandy Shores’ to see Ducky move a 4,000 sq foot house across the sand and onto a barge at high tide. Go to HGTV.com.

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